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Dani's cacklings


Happy fic reader
10 April 1985
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I'm Dani. Fandoms I have played in: Harry Potter. Stargate: Atlantis. Supernatural. Naruto. Merlin. Bleach. Smallville. Bandslash. Queer as Folk (US). You can find out a lot by stalking my pinboard recs, which I painstakingly tag. I probably should disclaim about half of the fics there, but usually I put qualifiers up on blatant badfic (eg: "Not a rec." or "Saving because I have no taste.").

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Since 4/28/04. Why do I have a hit counter on my userinfo? I am so weird.

Last.fm pwns me. My recent tracks--
adam lambert, akatsuki, angel: the series, angst, avatar: the last airbender, bad reality tv, bandslash, bastian schweinsteiger, battle royale, behavioral neuroscience, being human (uk), billie joe armstrong, bleach, brain, brian kinney, brian/justin, buffy the vampire slayer, buster posey, castiel, chekov/mccoy, chicharito, chocolate, christian siriano, clark/lex, clint dempsey, cobra starship, cognitive neuroscience, corrupting straight!boys, cristiano ronaldo, crossgen fic, cruel intentions, dead like me, dean winchester, dean/castiel, derek/stiles, desperate housewives, dialects, downton abbey, draco malfoy, draco/harry, drama, electroencephalography, entourage, espionage, event related potentials, fanfiction, firefly, gaara, gay rights, german nt, giants baseball, ginny/draco, green day, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/snape, hatake kakashi, hating hagrid, health food, hemispheric differences, hippocampus, history, hockey, hockey rpf, house md, humor, inappropriate laughter, inception, irony, itachi/sakura, j. k. rowling, japan, jared/jensen, jeffrey buttle, jennifer lawrence, jensen ackles, justin taylor, justin/brian, kane/toews, kirk/spock, kpop, kurosaki ichigo, language comprehension, language processing, lateral geniculate nucleus, latin, lesions, lex luthor, liberty avenue, linguistics, lionel luthor, logan echolls, lukas podolski, manuel neuer, mark/eduardo, mckay/sheppard, mesut ozil, morphology, multivoxel pattern analysis, n400, naruto, neuroscience, origin of language, pidgins, pilates, pretty boys, project runway, psycholinguistics, psychopharmacology, psychophysiology, queer as folk, reading badfic guiltily, real madrid, rock, ron/draco, rps, scandal, schizophrenia, sf giants, shounen ai, sign language, slash, smallville, soccer, spike/xander, star trek (2009), stargate atlantis, supernatural, symbol systems, teen wolf, the hunger games, the pronoun game, the social network, true blood, uchiha itachi, uchiha sasuke, ucsd, uiuc, usmnt, vegan, veronica mars, vids, visual perception, weeds, word recognition, xander harris, zlatan ibrahimovic